Day 1.5 

As my brother games upstairs and continues to waste his life away I booked my Europe trip today. I am going to see the things in life outside a world of teenage assholes and gossip that has no end. I’m not your typical teen. Binge drinking and partying I’m done with. I want to see what my life has to offer I want to do more with my life I want to live it. I hope all of you realize that life has more than the football jerk and the girls who think they are better than you. On a funny note I applied to be and intern at Ellen today. Try something new who knows Ellen may be getting the next best thing. Live your life from now on, on your own rules. I learned today that my parents won’t always be around and that high school ends so I might as well live  this time of no responsibilities and make the best out of it. Shoutout to all the girls like me. We are the new American teenage girls. #stopthebs 


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